Watermill Posara

Washing Day Vernazza

Washing day vernazza

Vernazza, Italy, 15" x 11"

Hope to see you Vernazza in October (I'm a tutor on a weeks painting workshop in the area)!  Washing hanging out to dry across tall buildings really gives an opportunity to sneak in some lovely shadows and contrasts (white bed sheets are best!).  A lovely location to paint.  Visitor numbers might be a bit lower this year assuming no big cruise ships visiting the area.

LIVE and ONLINE Workshop with Tim Wilmot May 24th - Sunny scene in Tuscany!

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I am running another live, online watercolour demonstration on Sunday, May 24th at 6 pm UK time (GMT).  Wherever you are, join me for this unique paint along, where we will paint a sunny scene in Tuscany, Italy.  This will not be a recording.  It is LIVE!

This online workshop is suitable for painters of any level.  It will be a demonstration in Watercolor.  I will go at a slow pace and describe with commentary what I am doing and the techniques I am using.  The commentary will only be in English, and I will try and speak slowly because I have many attendees where English is not their first language.

All you will need is a good/reliable internet connection, and a headphone or PC speakers to hear my audio commentary.  If you want to, you'll be able to ask plenty of questions as I go along.  There is a $7 USD fee to attend this live session.  It will not be uploaded to YouTube (as a Public Video) or available to anyone apart from the attendees who have paid to watch.  The link to the recording will be the SAME link as you use to register!  

What you will need (apart from paper and water)

  1. A large and medium size mop brush if you can
  2. Your normal palette of colours - but a light red and yellow ochre will be great to include

The demo might be an hour to an hour and a half in duration (depends on how many questions/comments I get!).  We will paint at a slow speed and in stages, so you can paint along with me if you want, or wait until you receive a link to the recording.

To view the source photo for the painting we will do:

View this photo


Here's a photo from a previous session, with 'attendee' Jack Cwiek showing his setup, following me as I paint!

Jack cwiek following tim wilmot online watercolor tutorial

And this is what it could look like on your screen..

Jack cwiek what it will look like on your screen

You need to register to attend (please do this as soon as possible and not on the day) and pay the $7 USD fee via the very secure link given.  You will then be sent an email with the simple connection instructions for attending the demo (it is the same link!)...


This is the source photo.  Click on it to download it:

View this photo

Here is what previous attendees had to say...

"This was a really excellent workshop and very good quality webinar" Phillip B

"Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Based on my experience watching your YouTube videos, your online workshop was everything I expected and more" Douglas B

"Good pace, good answers to students’ questions, efficient use of time, and such a nice relaxed personality, Tim" Suzanna B

"Thank you for the wonderful painting experience. I think the timing was perfect for me as I am new to watercolour and enjoyed having the time to attempt keeping up" Geri G

"It was very good to be able to hear your thought process as you were completing the painting. Loved being able to see your painting from start to finish" Pearl A

"It was amazing Tim! I feel so pleased that my painting has come out well. Thanks to your excellent online commentary and prompts" Sankar R

"So much fun to watch. I’m planning to join your group and start painting more often. Thank you!" Marilyn H

"I can't afford to go to painting workshop holidays, but this is a great way to learn live from you" Tony G

 Hopefully meet up with you online for this next demo!


Fivizzano Shadows, #2

Fivizzano shadows 2 t

Fivizzano, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

Another painting of Fivizzano.  It's after midday, the weekly market has ended, and the streets are a little quieter.  Great location for loads of plein air painting and fabulous views down every street.  I went quite loose with this one and made a play of the warm tones of the buildings on the other side of the street.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Fivizzano Shadows - Poss Plein Air for October?

Fivizzano shadows y

Fivizzano, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

I will be tutor again at the Watermill in Posara in October and during my week we visit the local town of Fivizzano, just up the road from the Mill.  Great place for plein air painting, weather permitting.  Loads of little back streets to explore like this one.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Steps Monte Del Bianchi

Steps Monte del Bianchi T

Monte del Bianchi, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

Anyone who has been on the Watermill Painting Holidays will walk pass these steps on a Friday excursion to the peaceful village of Monte del Biacnchi high up in the hills.  I quite fancied painting this one because of the angular shadows and the high contrast - bright walls and some deep dark shade.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Preserving the whites - Vernazza

Using the whites vernazza

Vernazza, Italy, 15" x 11"

An exercise in preserving the whites - leaving white paper for the very brightest areas of the painting or objects that will be white.  So my plan was to have shadows in the foreground, then contrast with that, a brighter area in the middle, especially the larger boat on the right.  Then some highlights on the harbour wall, bits on the far cliffs and some whites above the harbour which I fashioned into sea gulls.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Market Day Fivizzano 2019


Fivizzano, Italy, Watercolour 15" x 11"

My 3rd day demo on my October trip to Tuscany. here a plein air painting done on Market day in the town of Fivizzano.  You need to work fast here - by midday they're all gone and you have to paint from memory!  I liked the shadows across the scene and the challenge of painting those complicated market stalls.

Painted on Saunders Waterford. Cold Press, 300 gms


Verrucola - Bridge and Castle view - Plein Air from my Tuscany Trip

River valley and bridge Verrucola 2019

Hello everyone.
This was our day 2 location - the castle top village of Verrucola, high up in the hills. We were a bit unlucky with the weather. It rained in the morning, so we were confined to the studio where we painted a scene from Pisa. But after a hearty traditional Italian stew, we painted this pretty scene looking at the main bridge across the river valley and the view of the castle with its bell tower. And the sun made an appearance!
Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms

2nd Plein Air painting at the 'WaterMill' - Posara main street and Bell Tower

Watermill posara tuscany 2019 2

Posara, Italy, 15" x 11"

My 2nd Plein air painting at the recent workshop I ran at the 'Watermill in Posara'.  Another plein air painting looking down the main street of the village and the church tower at the end.  Good practice of perspective.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms