Boat Yard, Camikebir, Kusadasi, Turkey

Boat Yard Camikebir Kusadasi Turkey

Kusadisi, Turkey, 15" x 11"

Quite a complex scene to paint this one.  A busy boatyard with some challenges to get the composition right and so many things going on as regards materials, ropes, objects, different boats and so on.  Anyway, thought the framing left and right helped, maybe the red boat in the middle is a little too large.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms


Green Street, Bursa, Turkey


Bursa, Turkey, 22" x 15".

Yesil Caddesi Bursa, or 'green street' in English, high up on the southern slopes rising above downtown Bursa.  It certainly is green and very peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of Turkey's fourth largest metropolis, and the area is better known for the location of the tomb of Sultan Mehmet the 1st and his smaller children.  I moved some of the street 'furniture' around to suit the composition, e.g. trying not to make that big lamppost dead centre.


Street Banner, Mudanya, Turkey


Mudanya, Turkey, 15" x 11".

So it makes a change having a banner across the street rather than telecoms cables - well it's a telecom's banner.  This is Marmara coastal town of Mudanya, Turkey.  My reference photo was taken on an overcast day, but I tried to introduce some light on the car tops.  Also a bit of bright red - a patch on each side.  In fact the first wash had a lot of alizarin crimson on the left side.


Antalya, Turkey, road above the harbour


Antalya, Turkey, 15" x 11"

A road high up above the harbour in the Turkish city of Antalya.  Plenty of 'negative' figures here to see if it works - light figure against dark shadows and vice versa.  Middle building almost blends into the background sky with that lower wash of weak yellow ochre.  Palm trees were done with a small brush and thick pigment flicked from the crown of the tree outwards.


Fishing in the Golden Horn, Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey, 22" x 15".

A view across the Golden Horn, a major waterway which leads into the Bosphorus in Istanbul.  On the opposite side are the mosques and minarets surrounding the covered bazaar and shopping areas.  The main bridge over the Golden Horn is even more popular for fishing with hundreds of rods leaning over the sides.  The smoke effect was done when everything was dry.  A little clear water was lightly dropped onto the smoke area.  Then a thickish mixture of white gouache plus cobalt blue was quickly and randomly added in.


Muradiye, Bursa, 2


Watercolour of Bursa, Turkey, 15" x 11", on Saunders Waterford Rough 300gms.

Somehow, a Turkish scene always looks complete with a mosque and minaret breaking the skyline.  Here's a sketch of the old part of Bursa, Muradiye.  I think the distant white figure was almost an accident - a patch of paper left unpainted on the first wash, and then made into a figure with subsequent washes.  Minarets are always a challenge to get right - the symmetrical top, the rounded gallery and sometime a little wider at the base.


Muradiya district, Bursa, Turkey


Landscape Watercolour of Bursa, 15" x 11".

The Muradiye district of eastern Bursa.  A very old part of Bursa with the foothills of Mount Uludag as a backdrop.  Apart from the complex of 600 year old mosques, there's like in my sketch quite a few blue and brightly painted houses with well defined frames around the windows painted in a different colour.  Down in the valley is the more modern part of the city sprawling northwards.


Yesil Caddesi, Bursa, Turkey


Landscape Watercolour of Bursa, 22" x 15".

Yesil (pronounced yea-sheel) Caddesi in the higher, older Yesil neighbourhood of Bursa and just round to the left is the Yesil Turbe - the tomb of the 5th Sultan, Mehmet the 1st.  The old buildings facing us our now souvenir shops selling quite nice stuff, carpets, lamps etc.  The rising Uludag mountains form the backdrop to the composition.


Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul


Landscape Watercolour of Istanbul, 15" x 11".

Istiklal Caddesi (Avenue) in the historic Beyoglu district of Istanbul, and lined with old Ottoman period buildings now housing foreign embassies and up market shops.  Trams take you down from Taksim Square.  These old buildings have far too many intricate details in their architecture for a 'loose' watercolour, so best approach is simplify and just a few windows in random places.