Demo Painting to the Bristol Art Group - Porlock Weir

Demo bristol art group porlock weir

Porlock Weir, UK, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

My first demo painting to the Bristol Art Group and a simple composition - easy background, cottages on the left, a boat, a figure and a light sign against a dark background.  And using a few different watercolor techniques - wash (of course), wet in wet, dry brush, and splattering.  Normally with the workshops I do, if it's a full day, we one painting in the morning and one in the afternoon.  So we all do our painting together and in stages - first I do my outline sketch, then the attendees do their outline sketch.  I then do my first or only wash, then everyone else does their wash, and so on.  It seems to work well as a format.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

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This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Live, and Online, 2 hour Watercolor Workshop with Tim Wilmot, Sunday 14th July 2019

I am running another live, online watercolour demonstration on Sunday, July 14th at 6 pm UK time (BST).  Wherever you are, join me for this unique paint along, where we will paint a beach scene with boats (see photo below).  This will not be a recording.  It is LIVE.

This online workshop is suitable for painters of any level.  It will be a demonstration in Watercolor.  I will go at a slow pace and describe with commentary what I am doing and the techniques I am using.  The commentary will only be in English, and I will try and speak slowly because I have many attendees where English is not their first language.

All you will need is a good/reliable internet connection, and a headphone or PC speakers to hear my audio commentary (Worldwide Conference call phone numbers will also be provided if you want to connect by phone).  If you want to, you'll be able to ask plenty of questions as I go along.  There is a $7 USD fee to attend this live session.  It will not be uploaded to YouTube or available to anyone apart from the attendees who have paid to watch.  I should be able to send you a link to the recording of the demo afterwards, which only you can see.  

The demo might be an hour to an hour and a half in duration (depends on how many questions/comments I get!).  We will paint at a slow speed and in stages.  So you can paint along with me if you want, or wait until you receive a link to the recording.


Here's a photo from a previous session, with 'attendee' Jack Cwiek showing his setup, following me as I paint!

Jack cwiek following tim wilmot online watercolor tutorial

And this is what it could look like on your screen..

Jack cwiek what it will look like on your screen

You need to register to attend (please do this as soon as possible and not on the day) and I will then send you a payment request from me for your $7 USD fee.  You will then be sent an email with the simple connection instructions for attending the demo...


Registration will close a week before the event. 

We will be painting this scene - some small boats at Saltash in Cornwall, UK.  So an exercise in simplifying the scene, values and shadows and drawing boats.  Maybe some splattering to get the effect of those small pebbles.  Oh, and we will also include some figures!:

July 2019 photo subject for tim wilmot watercolor workshop

 Hopefully meet up with you online for this next demo!

If you are in any doubt as to whether your system can access the presentation, please click on the button below to do a system check from the PC or device you want to watch from.

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Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot Funchal 2

Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot Funchal 2

Funchal, Madiera, 15" x 11"

One of the main, wide streets leading down to the sea.  A bit of a contra jour, painting into the light.  I like to rough up pedestrian crossings - they wouldn't look right being too perfect with nice edges and clean white stripes.  So I deliberately paint them in quite quickly - of course following the lines of my initial pencil drawing.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.



Bend in the road, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Bend in the road santa cruz de tenerefe

Tenerife, Spain, 15" x 11"

Although a narrow street with tall buildings either side, I gave prominence to the foreground shadows.  So I made a feature of the brush strokes making up those shadows, leaving a few gaps here and there, but all leading the eye into the middle of the scene.  When you're trying to get in some continuous marks like this, to put some white road markings in later is best done with a small bit of white gouache.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.


Plein air watercolour demonstration - Malmesbury #2 - Rain stopped play

Just to show what it's like painting outdoors in the UK in summer, here's my second effort in a town local to me, Malmesbury.  So a quieter spot this one and meant to be a study of the end of the church, some tomb stones and a tree casting shadow.  But as the painting progressed, a fine misty rain came down and spoiled the show...

Painted on Saunders Waterford, cold press 300 gms paper - not waterproof paper but damned good!




3 Pedestrians Calle Antequera Cala de Mijas

3 pedestrians calle antequera cala de mijas

Calle de Mijas, Spain, 15" x 11"

The main street in this coastal town on the Costa del Sol, Spain.  As usual with pedestrian crossings, I like to rough them up a bit by either doing some dirty dry brush strokes at the outset, or in this case, splattering in a few directions to let the wet wash of the road travel down the paper and stripes a bit.  Just a little.   Also, a touch of lost and found with the trunks of the palm trees in the distance.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.