Steps, Inverness, Scotland


Landscape Watercolour of Inverness, 15" x 11" 

Some steps leading off the main High Street in Inverness Scotland, hence the 'kilt maker' sign.  My visit was in the winter months, so being in northern Scotland, many days can be dreary and the light levels a bit low, so you've just got to brighten up what you can, like railings, steps etc.


Church Street Inverness, Scotland #watercolour


Watercolour 15" x 11" on Bockingford paper 300g

Inverness, capital of the Scottish Highlands and quite a lively ex market town now with many nice cafes and restaurants within a square mile of the centre of town. Inverness has been dubbed as Britain's "Flower Capital " because it has won the Beautiful Britain in Bloom title no less than 10 times!


River Ness up to Ness Bridge, Inverness, Scotland


Watercolour 15" x 11" on Bockingford paper 300g

Central Inverness (comes from the old Gaelic word for mouth of the Ness) in Scotland looking down the River Ness towards the Ness Bridge and the Castle. The River Ness is the shortest river in the UK being only 7 miles long connecting Loch Ness with the Moray Firth (and out to the North Sea).  The buildings lining the banks of the river Ness are a nice mixture of victorian buildings (some quite red in colour being hit by a low winter sun) and some nice new architecture coming in.