Demo Painting - Watermouth Harbour

Ashtead Art Group demo jan 2021 by Tim Wilmot

Last nights demo to Ashtead Art Group.  Brief was to paint some barges in a river scene.  Unfortunately I had no suitable images, so the group, after a vote/poll I set up, decided on this scene from Watermouth Harbour in North Devon.  No barges, but some simple boat shapes, low tide and an exercise in values and composition.

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Fishing Port Tarragona Spain

Fishing Port Tarragona Spain

Tarragona, Spain, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

Quite a busy fishing port on the day of my visit and a fairly overcast, yet bright day, offering some light and dark in the scene.  Having the correct brush is important for wave shapes.  For me, a soft quill mop helps create that elliptical shape and soft so it does not disturb any paint below.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

Charco de Sans Gines 2

Charco de sans gines 2

Lanzarote, Spain, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

The tidal 'lake' in Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote.  I have painted this lake a few times and the big challenge is the background.  Some off-white buildings, but with an overcast sky, they are the same value as the sky.  So my solution is to be very gentle with the details in the background, get in some cream colours of the buildings and take a bit into the sky.  Then I paint in a few details on the buildings, but nothing too dark.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

Puerto del Rosario Las Palmas Spain 2

Puerto del Rosario Las Palmas Spain

Puerto del Rosario Las Palmas Spain, watercolour, 15" x 11"

My process for creating convincing harbour scene - first observe the scene.  Water conditions can change rapidly and if painting plein air, you have to have a little bit of a photographic memory. I generally start of with a graded wash for the water, start fairly light in the background and come darker towards the foreground. While the wash is still wet, I will add in some darker softer waves with a mop brush mainly in the foreground. Then as the wash is dry, adding harder edged reflections of the boats and masts.