Exhibition work

Cretan Harbour

Bristol savages exhibition cretan harbour

Crete, Greece, 15" x 11".

One of my submissions to the annual Bristol Savages Exhibition 2017.  This is a composition loosely based on a scene of Chania Harbour, with the low lying hills in the background and some soft reflections in the foreground.  Quite a 'light' painting compared to some I have done of this area, with much darker backgrounds.  The buildings here are not really white, but take on the hues of their surroundings and some fairly shabby in a nice kind of way.


Fishing Boats at Low Tide, Porthleven, Cornwall


Porthleven, Cornwall, 22" x 15".

Porthleven Harbour and a couple of rows of small fishing craft almost silhouetted against the darker background of the harbour wall.  Like a row of parked cars, I find it easier to think of the shapes of the tops of the boats rather than painting in each boat separately, apart from the foreground boats that is.  The background actually had a couple of washes - the first one dried too light so I glazed over with a darker wash.  Some white gouache was used for the finishing touches like ropes and masts.

This painting has been accepted for the Bath Society of Artists Exhibition running to the 4th June.




Abbey Corner, Bath


Bath, England, 22" x 15".

Maybe an unusual subject to choose just the corner of the well known Bath Abbey rather than some more prominent angle.  I thought it worked well with the light coming from the side allowing alternate light and dark bands coming down the pictures.  The rear of the Abbey was painted wet in wet - the base was still damp and then I used thicker darker paint for the windows and architectural details.  Also I introduced some emphasised contrast between the background buildings and the registry office on the right.

This picture is currently being exhibited at the Annual Bath Society of Artists Exhibition 2015 at the Victoria Art Gallery in central Bath (closes 27th June 2015).


Boat Sales, Hotwells, Bristol


Hotwells, Bristol, 22" x 15"

Another accepted painting into the Bristol Harbourside Art Prize 2014.  Similar to me previous sailing race painting, this has the old red-bricked buildings of the tobacco factory in the background.  There's a few made up boats here and I've made some simplifications to the foreground buildings.  While the paint is still damp/moist, I will often dab out small areas to blend things together.  Reflections are done with the side of a medium sized mop brush, with a good point!


Yachts Gathering, Bristol Harbour Festival


Bristol Harbour, 22" x 15"

One of my accepted entries to the Bristol Harbourside Art Prize.  A row of up market yachts at the Bristol Harbour Festival with the Arnolfini Art Gallery behind.  I can remember doing the painting on a warm summer's evening and the tricky bit was to get the hull washes not to dry too quickly and have them merge in with their reflections.  I only just made it and had to work pretty fast.  I try to avoid having to re-wet paper to get that merging effect.  The reflections were done with a medium sized mob brush, with a nice point.

The exhibition is currently open in Bristol at the Harbourside Art Gallery.