Demo Painting - Watermouth Harbour

Ashtead Art Group demo jan 2021 by Tim Wilmot

Last nights demo to Ashtead Art Group.  Brief was to paint some barges in a river scene.  Unfortunately I had no suitable images, so the group, after a vote/poll I set up, decided on this scene from Watermouth Harbour in North Devon.  No barges, but some simple boat shapes, low tide and an exercise in values and composition.

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Totnes High Street #2

Totnes high street 2

Totnes, Devon, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

The top of the High Street in Totnes, Devon, UK.  A winter's day and the sun is quite low in the sky.  Playing around with shadows in this one - angular shapes and cool, dark colours.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

Boat Yard - Watermouth Bay, Devon

Shipyard watermouth bay

Watermouth Bay, Devon UK,  Watercolour, 15" x 11"

The small boatyard at Watermouth Bay in North Devon.   Not a large boatyard, but in a very pretty location which I have painted a few times (especially the lifeboat at low tide).  The boatyard runs up to the left.  In front the ground slopes down to the sea, way over to the right.  I tried to make a feature of the rocky foreground here and a small stream running under the pathway.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

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