Queensland Sheep

Queensland sheep

Queensland, Sheep, 15" x 11".

Based on a photo sent by a subscriber, a hot dusty scene from the outback.  The middle ground needed a bit of thinking and planning.  The dust is there plus it affects the lower background as well.  So timing here was important in blending washes while still moist and then when everything was dry, I used some week white gouache and mixed it it (easy when the paper has a tough surface to it).


Boats moored up at Yeppoon in Queensland

Yeppoon in Queensland

Yeppon, Queensland, 15" x 11"

As a rule, I always have painted a location I have been too and maybe have many photos of for reference purposes.  However, now and again, kind admirers forward me their own photos of their location or places they have visited and quite often they are really great subjects for a watercolour painting.  The above is of Yeppoon in Queensland.  It reminded me of some muddy estuary you might find around the UK coast, but much stronger light of course in Oz.  Well thanks for sending me a great photo and very inspiring for a watercolour painting.