Queensland Sheep

Queensland sheep

Queensland, Sheep, 15" x 11".

Based on a photo sent by a subscriber, a hot dusty scene from the outback.  The middle ground needed a bit of thinking and planning.  The dust is there plus it affects the lower background as well.  So timing here was important in blending washes while still moist and then when everything was dry, I used some week white gouache and mixed it it (easy when the paper has a tough surface to it).


Saint Mark's Basilica - Too many pigeons

Saint Mark's Basilica

Venice, Italy, 15" x 11"

Based on an old black and white photo taken by a friend, this was a very quick sketch of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice.  Probably a challenge to paint with all those architectural details, domes and spires.  And then those pigeons - too many to paint them all, so I summarise by just doing a few - almost dabs of paint with a little twist and then a shadow below.  Hopefully gives the impression.  Also, for all those people, I drew them in first then the background.