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Live, and Online, 2 hour Watercolor Workshop with Tim Wilmot, Sunday 15th September 2019

I am running another live, online watercolour demonstration on Sunday, September 15th at 6 pm UK time (BST).  Wherever you are, join me for this unique paint along, where we will paint an English Village scene (see photo below).  This will not be a recording.  It is LIVE.

This online workshop is suitable for painters of any level.  It will be a demonstration in Watercolor.  I will go at a slow pace and describe with commentary what I am doing and the techniques I am using.  The commentary will only be in English, and I will try and speak slowly because I have many attendees where English is not their first language.

All you will need is a good/reliable internet connection, and a headphone or PC speakers to hear my audio commentary (Worldwide Conference call phone numbers will also be provided if you want to connect by phone).  If you want to, you'll be able to ask plenty of questions as I go along.  There is a $7 USD fee to attend this live session.  It will not be uploaded to YouTube or available to anyone apart from the attendees who have paid to watch.  I should be able to send you a link to the recording of the demo afterwards, which only you can see.  

The demo might be an hour to an hour and a half in duration (depends on how many questions/comments I get!).  We will paint at a slow speed and in stages.  So you can paint along with me if you want, or wait until you receive a link to the recording.


Here's a photo from a previous session, with 'attendee' Jack Cwiek showing his setup, following me as I paint!

Jack cwiek following tim wilmot online watercolor tutorial

And this is what it could look like on your screen..

Jack cwiek what it will look like on your screen

You need to register to attend (please do this as soon as possible and not on the day) and I will then send you a payment request from me for your $7 USD fee.  You will then be sent an email with the simple connection instructions for attending the demo...


Registration will close a week before the event. 

We will be painting this scene - the pretty UK village of Biddestone.  A typical village inn, some cottages, pub sign and cars.  Oh, and we will also include some figures!:

Tim Wilmot online workshop Sept 2019 source photo

Here is what previous attendees had to say...

"This was a really excellent workshop and very good quality webinar" Phillip B

"Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Based on my experience watching your YouTube videos, your online workshop was everything I expected and more" Douglas B

"Good pace, good answers to students’ questions, efficient use of time, and such a nice relaxed personality, Tim" Suzanna B

"Thank you for a wonderful painting experience. I think the timing was perfect for me as I am new to watercolour and enjoyed having the time to attempt keeping up" Geri G

"It was very good to be able to hear your thought process as you were completing the painting. Loved being able to see your painting from start to finish" Pearl A

"It was amazing Tim! I feel so pleased that my painting has come out well. Thanks to your excellent online commentary and prompts" Sankar R

"So much fun to watch. I’m planning to join your group and start painting more often. Thank you!" Marilyn H

 Hopefully meet up with you online for this next demo!

If you are in any doubt as to whether your system can access the presentation, please click on the button below to do a system check from the PC or device you want to watch from.

System check



3 Boats, San Sebastian

3 boats san sebastian

San Sebastian, Spain, 15" x 11"

I quite doing little compositions like this with boats.  So imagine you're standing on the quayside.  You are looking into the sun, so there's light reflecting off the water.  Then a fan shape of boats, but pointing into the middle.  And last some rigging to help.  The buoy was an afterthought.  I had that dominant boat on the right and I needed to balance it with something extra on the left.  Could have been a figure in the left-hand boat....

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.


Calle Santo Domingo Ronda Spain

Calle santo domingo ronda

Ronda. Spain, 15" x 11"

A walk down a side street in Ronda, Spain.  Connections are an important thing in watercolour.  I think it works well when you have connected shapes by the same tonal value - so here the smaller figure with the shadows from the buildings.  Also part of the figures right-hand side has the same value as the street.  So not much painting is done to create the figure, but what's left gives the impression of a person there.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.


Place Deffuas Saint Junien

Place deffuas saint junien

Saint Junien, France, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

The Place Deffuas in Saint Junien, France.  The church entrance is on the left.  A small square in front, shops on the right and a slight slope down the road.  Nice opportunity for some high contrast with cars being light against a dark background.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Dull day in the Harbour - Chania

Dull day in the harbour

Chania, Crete, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

A dull day harbour scene, Chania in Crete.  I think the composition works with the balance of the background buildings, the curve of the quayside and the position of the boats.  Maybe I could have had the horizon higher to make more of a feature of the reflections....

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.

Back Streets of Fabriano, Italy

Backstreets of fabriano

Fabriano, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

A painting based on a reference photo from an IWS visit to Fabriano, I think back in 2014.  It's great when the paint takes a long time to dry (I guess when the atmosphere is more humid, it's colder and the paper is already damp) and you get more time to work in some softer brush marks.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting

This painting is for sale. Please contact Tim Wilmot for details.


Saint John's Place, Bath

Saint johns place bath

Bath, UK, 15" x 11"

A view down St John's Place in Bath.  Lovely buildings I think in the Georgian Style, and quite a challenge to get the stonework the correct colour.  It's a busy area, being near to the Theatre Royal, so needs a few people wandering about.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms paper.


3 Boats low tide - Porthleven

3 boats low tide porthleven

Porthleven, Cornwall, 15" x 11"

Another boaty scene and an almost made up composition of Porthleven Harbour, at low tide looking towards sea and the pub on the headland.  Two things that make small boats like this more convincing in a painting are - some fenders along the side and paint lines down the top of the hull.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms


4 boats, Scali Monzani, Livorno, Italy

4 boats scali manzoni livorno

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11"

Looking down on 4 small boats, moored along the canal by Scali Monzani, in Livorno, Italy.  I liked the symmetry of the scene, the equal-sized middle boats, 2 larger boats on the sides, some abstract shapes of shadows and reflections and then the repetition of the ropes.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms.

#watercolour #StcMill #watercolorpainting