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Painting the places of Pellizza: Volpedo, 4-6 May 2018

Might be a bit short notice for people, but I am running a painting workshop in Italy 4-6 May in Volpedo, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy.  It's around the annual conference celebrating Italian Artist Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (1868 – 1907) who was an Italian neo-impressionist painter.  


Please contact the organisation for more details.  

Click below for the English prospectus...



Burano footbridge - Original from YouTube demo #34

Fottbridge burrano venice youtube number 34

Burano, Italy, 15" x 11"

From a recent YouTube demo of mine (video number 34) explaining simplification of a scene (all those buildings in the background), composition, perspective and reflections.  And yes the bell tower does actually lean !  Not sure how dangerous it is.  Anyway and enjoyable demo.  If anyone has any recommendations for a future YouTube video subject, please let me know.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms


January Workshop demo #4

Jan 2018 workshop demo #4

Bristol, UK, 15" x 11"

My fourth demo from my January 2018 workshop, this time an exercise in painting boats, reflections and of course perspective.  A scene from Hotwells in Bristol.  It was also an exercise in simplification:  Those cottages on the right hand side had a lot of detail.  Put too much in and that would have been the focal point perhaps fo rthe painting, and a bad place stuck over there on the right side.  I will be running more workshops later in the year.  Please keep coming back to this site for an announcement or join my mailing list.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press Paper and 300 gms.


Bristol Savages Sketch Night - "Together"

Bristol savages together

Watercolour - 15" x 11"

Bristol Savages sketch night on Wednesday and the topic decided by the Chairman for the evening was 'Together'.  This was interpreted by my fellow artists in a number of ways - groups of animals, boats, figures and inanimate objects.  I decided to go with a simple scene - some people together.  So we have 2 hours to complete a painting without access to any reference material.

Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press 300 gms