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Tetbury Plein Air June 2017 #1

Tetbury plein air june #1

Tetbury, England, 15" x 11".

A plein air done at the start of the summer and a scene painted from the Market Hall down the main street in Tetbury.  I used my 3-colour light weight palette for this one (but I had to used some neutral tint and white gouache for the belisha beacon!).  I have moved a few things around like the old lamp post - I brought it out in the open and silhouetted against the sky.


Venice Practice #10

Venice 2017 practice #10

Venice, Italy, 15" x 11".

Tenth practice for my up and coming workshop/holiday in Venice.  This time a scene outside the fish market looking down a side waterway and narrow bridge.  The photo I had taken some years ago was an overcast day, so I decided to brighten it up a bit with some light figures on the bridge set against a darker background.  Photo of the painting was taken with a temporary phone camera and it came out a bit too 'blue'.


Two demos - same subject

Through the year I do a few demos to local art groups/societies in the South West of the UK.  Based on the general subject to piant, e.g. Seascape, I hand out 8 suitable photos to base my painting on.  Earlier in the year I did a demo to two separate groups, and they just happened to chose the same photo - Cadeques and some boats moored up on a small beach there.  So here they are and feels like a 'spot the difference' competition.  Both done in about an hour and a half and same size - 22" by 15".

Cadeques demo #1

Cadeques demo #1

Cadeques demo #2

Cadeques demo #2

I have now removed my photo from future selection and introduced quite a few more UK harbour scenes!  If any UK art group or society sees this post, I am happy to discuss a demo or workshop with you.  Please contact me via email.


Venice Practice #9 - Not all boats and canals

Venice 2017 practice #9

Venice, Italy, 15" x 11".

Another non-canal/boat Venice painting for my up and coming workshop there.  Had a bit of fun this one with the splattering and dark shadows on the right.  Putting a bit more dark in the centre background, between the buildings, hopefully made the two figures pop out a bit more.  I think with Venice you have to treat the architecture and windows in either a very loose way, or maybe like and illustrator and take time with all the details.  Being loose helps that weathered look....

Venice Practice #8 - Using my 3-colour palette

Venice 2017 practice #8

Venice, Italy, 11" x 15".

Another practice for my up and coming Venice Workshop.  Looking down a canal with high buildings either side, I had to do a portrait orientation sooner or later.  I don't mind that and it's one of the first decision I make about a scene - landscape or portrait, and painting quarter imperial lends itself to either.  Here I have a bot of foreground, middle and background interest for a bit of balance

Venice Practice #7 - Using my 3-colour palette

Venice 2017 practice #7

Venice, Italy, 15" x 11".

Well I tried not to get the bridge dead centre, and I think it's just off.  Maybe distracted by the left hand boat and figures.  With the narrow canals and bright sunshine, reflected light can light up buildings which otherwise could be quite dark compared to the values on the other side of the canal.  I decided right at the end to have a foreground shadow crossing the whole scene - just a very faint glaze of a greyish wash when everything was dry.


Venice Practice #6 - Using my 3-colour palette

Venice 2017 practice #6

Venice, Italy, 15" x 11".

A sort of made up scene.  Just practising bridges from different angle.  It made me think, how many types of Venice bridges are there?  Did a Google search and all that comes up are many images of the Rialto bridge.  I prefer scenes in Venice away from the normal tourist areas although I suppose the whole city is one big tourist area.  If anyone who lives in Venice knows of good places to paint off the beaten track, please let me know!


Venice Practice #5

Venice 2017 practice #5

Venice Italy, 15" x 11".

It's not all architecture, boats and canals in Venice.  Off the beaten track this might be.  A simple scene, perhaps a kiosk in a pedestrian area and some angular light to help the composition.  I had to be careful with the figures to get some highlights without my normal white gouache.  Travelling light with my 3-colour palette.


Venice Practice #4 - Using my 3-colour palette

Venice 2017 practice #4

Venice Italy, 15" x 11".

My 4th practice painting for my up and coming trip.  This time I am using my 3-colour lightweight plastic palette which I may well be using over there.  I have to think about mixing those light greens for the water - takes a bit of thinking about the combination and is a more bluey green I think.   I sometimes miss some opportunities to make figures out of patches of paper left unpainted e.g. Middle boat looks like 2 figures in the distance, perhaps on the quayside or another boat.



Watercolour demo - Rome

Watercolour demo rome

Rome, Italy, 15" x 11"

A watercolour from a recent demo and based on a photo.  So a typical Italian scene with an iconic Pinus pinea umbrella like pine tree casting it's shadow over the ochre walls of the building behind.  I changed a few things from the reference photo - people and cars to help the composition and some foreground shadow.