Warm reflections - Boatyard Hotwells Bristol
Lynmouth Harbour Steps and the 'Rhenish Tower'

Queensland Sheep

Queensland sheep

Queensland, Sheep, 15" x 11".

Based on a photo sent by a subscriber, a hot dusty scene from the outback.  The middle ground needed a bit of thinking and planning.  The dust is there plus it affects the lower background as well.  So timing here was important in blending washes while still moist and then when everything was dry, I used some week white gouache and mixed it it (easy when the paper has a tough surface to it).



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Tony Fagan

I always enjoy your work Tim, but the middle ground on this one - the dust and its effect on the background - is amazing. Makes it very real.

Tim Wilmot

Thanks Tony

Kate McGuiness

Dear Tim,
Australia has such a varied light from east to west. The "big sky" with the saturated hues against the bleached landscapes are to be immersed in. I hope you have the opportunity to experience this for yourself one day.
Thank you for your paintings and demonstrations.

Cheers, Kate

Kate McGuiness

P. S. The camera does average out and flatten the life out of most images.

Tim Wilmot

Thanks Kate

Tonie Paolo

There is a painting by an Australian artist Tom Roberts called Breakaway 1891, that feature the same palette of colours you have chosen for this painting. Ochres and pinks and a lateral type blue for the sky. I'm presuming you have never seen this painting and therefore would not have used it for reference. I compare this to paintings you've done of European streetscapes versus British and I notice here too that your colour palettes differ typically. I'm not normally structurally thinking and believe anything goes when it comes to personal interpretation of a scene. However with colours, I feel you need to have them pretty much spot on when it comes to capturing atmosphere. I live in Australia and have never stepped outside it to compare it's landscapes with anything else. I'm sure anyone from anywhere around the world, could not mistake this for an Australian scene. Naturally I like this painting.

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