Porthleven Harbour 4, Cornwall
Hotel Alize, Marseille Old Port, 3

Two houses in Provence - a demonstration painting


Provence, France, 22" x 15".

A couple of country houses in Provence.  This was a demonstration painting for a tutorial session run recently and based on a reference photo.  The trick I think with French country houses is to not make them too neat with lines and colours.  Dirty them up a bit and put in some bright blue shutters.  The foreground had to have a bit of texture, so different tones of green were applied.  I regularly do not use any 'green' paint, but prefer to mix my own - of course a bright yellow and ultramarine blue, or cobalt turquoise and yellow ochre makes a duller green.



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Gaston McKenzie

Hi Tim
I'd say this is you're best watercolour yet that I've seen so far. Its layered well- especially with the foreground texture. Its loose- but not so loose that you lose the impression of detail in the distance. Your values are spot on. Its very Joseph Zbukvic. He's a hard act to follow.
Our type of watercolour is a constant struggle to achieve. My greatest joy is getting it right the first time with no overworking.

Tim Wilmot

Thanks Gaston. Always difficult doing a demo and trying to produce a half decent painting at the same time.

Alain Rufer

I am in France in a neighbouring village of Lyon. Thank you infinitely for your demonstrations and your generosity.  I like your approach to the watercolor. I am also a watercolorist but an amateur and I participate in exhibitions locally with great pleasure.  Thank you again! 
Very cordially

Tim Wilmot

Merci Alain. Bon chance pour votre exhibitions (excuse my bad french)

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