White Horse Pub on The Green, Biddestone, Wiltshire
River Avon at Bradford on Avon

Riberac, France and using 3 colours and a black


Riberac, France, 15" x 11".

On a recent holiday I had decided to travel light and took away with me some free paint samples from Sennelier - a Yellow Light, Opera Rose, Cinereous (whatever that is) Blue and an old Ivory Black I had lying around. Using just 2 brushes - a small synthetic and a largish mop, this would be a useful exercise in seeing what colour combinations I could come up with.  On the whole they made quite a nice 'stone' colour which worked quite well in this French street scene.  I will be posting a few more paintings soon, all with those same 3 colours.



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John Cowburn

I would love to see you a demo with that palette of colours!

Pite Tin

When inspiration conquers
it does not matter if colors are
limited. You demostrate this I feel.
By the way if you don't mind
please let me know when there is final white guach needed we have to use only
watercolor white (chinese white) or
we can also use some sort of guach color tube!
thank you so much.

Tim Wilmot

Now that's a very good idea John. I will think on that one and see what I can do

Tim Wilmot

You can use Chinese white also. I prefer to use from the tube with a damp clean brush.

Pite Tin

Thank you so much.

Tim Wilmot

Thanks Pte!

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