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April 2016

Market Day and bands of horizontal light and dark


Montpon, France, 15" x 11".

Market day in the French town in the South West part of the country.  For me the horizontal bands of light and dark across the scene, intercepted by figures and cars makes for a pleasing subject to paint.  Initial was started with the sky then as I came into the buildings I added some warmer tones and let that blend in with the sky a bit.  The angle of the paper doesn't allow it to travel too far. When the wash was dry I painted the darker areas and shadows, coming darker and denser towards the foreground.  The figures were the last stage.


Burrowbridge, Somerset 2 - Wishing for a plein air visit there!


Burrowbridge, England, 15" x 11".

I missed a plein air trip last year with a group of fellow artists but I managed to acquire a photograph of the area with the iconic mound in the background.  Well I can imagine I am there by the roadside with the view in front of me.  Of course I have to insert man and his dog somewhere and decided to have him cutting across several horizontal shadows along the road.  Thankfully I have the hedgerow to add a bit more interest and angle to those shadows rather than boring straight lines.



Harbour wall walk, Porthleven Cornwall - a plein air sketch


Porthleven, England, 15" x 11".

A plein air sketch from a visit last year to this Cornish harbour.  This is the inner harbour wall - a really solid and wide defence against the Atlantic.  Nice quiet place to do a painting without to much distractions and at this spot as you turn around, there are many other painting subjects.  Well I took some photos for later inspiration.  It was a bit windy as I recall which was a bit of a challenge stopping my lightweight easel from flying off.