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Boats in a row, Cambrils, Spain


Cambrils, Spain, 15" x 11".

5 boats in a row at Cambrils, Spain.  Handy that they're all a little bit different.  There were many boats in the background on the right and that whole area has been loosely painted and no detail.  I went quite dark with the reflections - I think my reference photo was taken in the evening, and all done with a fairly big mop brush with a good point.  The waterlines on the boat were lifted out in a few random areas for effect.


Low tide in Porthleven Harbour and a lone Fishing Trawler with reflections in the water


Porthleven, Cornwall, UK, 15" x 11".

Another Porthleven sketch, low tide again and one of the few small fishing trawlers based here.  A slither of water reflecting the bright sky and then the reflection of the boat itself.  The foreground is kept in deep shade as a contrast with the background in full light.  Then a touch of white gouache to paint in the masts and boat details.  Somehow I didn't get any figures into this one!

Telephone Box, Porthleven, Cornwall


Porthleven, England, 15" x 11".

A solitary phone box at the side of Porthleven Harbour is the focal point.  And some complimentary reds in the far buildings and some warmth in the sky.  Quite a simple painting with the underlying wash, then adding in the background buildings the middle shadow and the stone work.  The only complex bit were all the upturned tender boats on the slipway on the left.


Rue Jean Louis Faure, St Foy La Grande, France


St Foy La Grande, France, 15" x 11".

A view up Rue Jean Louis Faure to the main market square.  After promising myself not to attempt a painting with the light coming behind, I do it again.  Always a bit tricky with sometimes uniform tones and shadows going the wrong way - here made perhaps more difficult with the shadows running into a row of dark cars.  Perhaps I could have made one of the cars white and one of those figures could have had lighter clothing.  Maybe next time.  I never go back and tamper with paintings.  Leave them and go onto the next one, but trying to remember my previous debrief.


Old stone wall, Marshfield, England


Marshfield, South Glos, UK, 15" x 11".

The capped top of an old stone wall in the village of Marshfield near to where I live was the focus of this one.  Lots of different lichens and mosses growing over it and the little pig enclosure along side it could also have been another focus.  I had the grass on the right side of the wall, join with the parked car for a bit of continuity.  While the shadows were still damp they had some splattering treatment.


Sunlit roofs and two fishing boats - Porthleven Harbour, Cornwall, UK


Porthleven, Cornwall, UK, 15" x 11"

The inner harbour in Porthleven on an early winter's day and some low light coming in.  The foreground had quite simple treatment - mostly with the side of a big mop brush  and with rough paper, dragging the brush lightly across the surface gets that effect.  Odd light patches remaining can be turned into a stone with a bit of shadow underneath and to one side.  The background buildings were simplified - just a few strokes leaving out some highlights to give the impression of random roof tops reflecting some light.


Rue Denfert Rochereau, St Foy la Grande, France


St Foy la Grande, France, 15" x 11"

A quiet back street of this French town on the banks of the River Dordogne.  My key focus in this painting was to try and get a little bit of light on the side of the upper level dormer windows and try and get a sense of the warm stone colour and typical window shutter colour.  Cars can be quite tricky to paint when they are in part shade and light is bouncing off an opposite wall to create many complicated patterns on the car body.


Watercolour Workshop by Tim Wilmot - May 27th at Dolphin Art in Wantage, UK

I am pleased to announce that I am running a Watercolour Workshop and Demonstration at Dolphin Art in Wantage on May 27th.

Dolphin Art is a unique art gallery, art materials stockist and picture framers in the delightful market place of Wantage, Oxfordshire. Patrick and Tara have run the business since 1999, recently re-vamping the business into a stylish destination shop for anyone with a fondness for art, and I'm going to be right at the front of the gallery for my demo.

There is a small fee for attending and please contact the Gallery at Dolphin on 01235 763030 (ask for Rosie or Patrick) or email for more details.  Bookings must be made directly with them please.  Class size will be fairly small at 6 attendees and depending on numbers, we might run a number of sessions through the day.  

image from

A previous class in the gallery.


Tidal Gate to Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall - a bit of everything


Porthleven, England, 15" x 11"

The very robust tidal gate at the entrance to Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall.  Lots of angles and different perspectives on this and it has a bit of everything - houses, figures, boats, reflections... Also what was interesting was the many different colours in the harbour wall in shade which went very dark down towards the water's edge (quite a lot of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna for that!).  Out to the left is the wild Atlantic Ocean.


Railway bridge and road junction - Coutras - France


Coutras, France, 15" x 11".

Sometimes the simplest of scenes sort of turn out okay.  When I first looked at this scene, I thought no - there's little interest here and too many horizontal lines.  But then I thought introduce a car, some pedestrians, connecting with those horizontals and it can be a bit more interesting.  Plus with watercolour, when you're laying down a wash, introduce extra colours in there so it's not too boring.  The pedestrian crossing and tyre marks add some extra dimensions to the composition.