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Feb 14, 2016


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Clare Hill

Have just discovered your site on YouTube and love your paintings and demonstrations.
I live in New Zealand and unfortunately unable to come to your work shops but I will continue to follow your demonstrations on line.
Clare Hill

Tim Wilmot

Thanks Clare. I do online Tuition and can do one to one session online. I have done it to NZ already. More info at http://www.timwilmot.com/online-painting-course-and-tuition.html

Manuel Carlos

Hello Tim. Could you say what brand or manufacturer of white gouache do you use? I have already bought several and none works really well. Thanks. I love your paint. Manuel Carlos from Spain

Gail Ralph

I have recently been to one of your demonstrations and was very inspired by it. I have tried to source the mop brush you used but can’t find that brush on line or in our local art shops. Can you tell me where you got it from. There are similar ones for sale but don’t want to get the wrong one


Really enjoy watching and hopefully learning from your online videos! I was wondering about the size and brands of your small synthetic “detail” brush and the saber brush?

Tim Wilmot

I use winsor and newton or shinhan

Tim Wilmot

I buy them in France. I don't think anyone stocks them in the UK. Have you googled 'raphael soft aqua' ?

Tim Wilmot

The small brush is escoda normally

Sandy McKeehan

You were demonstrating a painting using a three color palette. I got the names of the yellow and red but I could to understand the color of blue. Could you please tell me what that is?

I love your style and am trying to loosen so I bought the 18" mop and a waiting breathlessly for it to arrive. Thank you for all of your dems, it is such a gift to all of us. I will be sending a photo I painted using the realism style and am eager to see what you would do with it.

It has no boats though!

Tim Wilmot

The blue was from Sennelier and Cinereous blue I think they call it

abdul muiz

hello there Mr Wilmot, my name is abdulMuiz..i would like to be your host and tour guide if you happen to visit Malaysia one day...

I finished artschool many years ago...but now strunggling back into watercolor..

Tim Wilmot

Thanks for the offer Abdul

Bill Rowe

Who makes your folding palette


I want to know where I can purchase a folding to palette similar to the one you use, with four sides that fold out?

Tim Wilmot

This video describes everything and the palettes I use are from Holbien and Frank Herring


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