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St Tropez Harbour 3


St Tropez, France, 15" x 11"

There's some lovely warm buildings surrounding the harbour.  Up this busy end, street artists are selling their paintings under the shade of the parasols.  The roof tops were allowed to bleed into the cerulean sky to give a hazy effect.  Then when the roofs were dry I did the chimneys and shadows.  Reflections and waves were done with a mop brush with a fairly good point.  The points on my mop brushes don't seem to last long with me - they're great when you first get them, but why do the middle hairs  disappear so quickly after a few paintings?


Sitges Beach and Church - A Watercolour Challenge


Sitges, Spain, 22" x 15".

A commission based on a photo provided for me.  The 3 main challenges for this painting were 1) the scene with few shadows and light/dark contrasts.  The Background mountain range was darkened a little to create more of a contrast with the middle ground buildings.  2) A bit of careful painting of the sky around the two church towers (I never use masking fluid).  3)  The detail in the buildings had to be simplified to match my loose style.


Tortosa, Spain, looking towards the Old Town


Tortosa, Spain, 15" x 11".

A quick sketch of Tortosa looking towards the old town along the side of the river bank.  Quite a simple composition and from the top...light..dark..light (tops of cars, people) .. dark reflections.. and light again at the bottom.  Had a bit of fun mixing the colours mostly on the paper while all still quite damp.  Window details and pavement lines were added when everything was dry.


Pescado Conservas - Fish Canning Factory in Olhao, Portugal


Olhao, Portugal, 22" x 15".

The local fish canning factory in Olhao - Pescado Conservas - or as someone remarked when they first saw my painting - "Ah, Tescos"! - seeing my partial sign top right... The initial wash was a light cerulean blue for the sky, then changing to a mainly yellow ochre wash in the lower half.  After drying, the background trees then were painted, carefully around the tops of the cars, and then the road and foreground.  Next were building details on the right, going quite dark around the base and the right hand car.  Last were the left hand cars, figures and some street furniture.


Tavira, Algarve 14


Tavira, Portugal, 15" x 11"

A summer's day and 'siesta' time - so not many souls about, or you walk in the shade.  Two things here - the background at the end of the road had so many architectural details so simplified there and on the right hand side I kept it loose, being in the shade.  I think that sky could have been a little lighter in tone (or my photo of the painting had the wrong setting!).


Outdoor pub scene, Puerto del carmen, Lanzarote


Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, 15" x 11".

Along the main 'strip' of cafes/restaurants/bars along Puerto del Carmen's seafront there's many scenes like this with many bars - mainly British/Irish - sitting cheek by jowl with each other and using every bit of pavement space available for outdoor seating.  I'm pleased with that bottom left corner, letting watercolour do what watercolour wants to do - as the darker wash was half dry, I drip in some more water to emphasize the bleeding, helped with a bit of gravity (I can tilt my easel at pretty much any angle).


A grey day in Cherbourg Harbour


Cherbourg, France, 15" x 11".

A grey and miserable day in Cherbourg, so spotting this red boat amongst some customs crafts, I though made for a bit more interesting subject.  The boats on the other side of the harbour are just abstract shapes really, and just some basic details on the background buildings.  A few extra spots of Cadmium Red were dropped in to keep the red boat company.


Live online watercolour demonstration by Tim Wilmot - March 19th

Here's a recording of my live, online watercolour demo yesterday, painting a harbour scene.  I had attendees from all over the world (mainly though the UK) and plenty of questions at the end!  Please note this recording is over one hour duration but is the complete painting from start to finish.

I am planning my next online live demo for &th May at 7pm GMT.  To register please go here


Looking for Restaurants, Rue de la Garonne, St Raphael


St Raphael, France, 15" x 11".

Just behind the harbour in St Raphael, and a quiet little one-way street I stumbled on while looking for the only Indian Restaurant (I think) in St Raphael.  There was a lovely warm tone to the old buildings as they catch the light and too many architectural details to paint (so they just get more obscure, lighter and blurred into the distance).  Don't know what made me put that little red dot in the right hand shadows there!


Brook Street, Chipping Sodbury, 11


Chipping Sodbury, 15" x 11".

Brook Street, a quiet lane off of the main High Street in Chipping Sodbury.  A large part of the composition is that left hand shadow, so while it was still moist I drop in a few extra colours, mainly cools like cobalt blue, so as not to leave it too boring. Likewise with the road - it's got some warms and cools there, and some dry brush strokes when all was dry.