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Tavira, Algarve, 8 - Narrow street in shade


Tavira, Algarve, 15" x 11".

Another street scene of Tavira on the Algarve.  This time quite a bit of shade, which helps connect the figures up and were done almost in one go.  I was a bit careful painting round the smaller white figure - sometimes going too quick on a wash, I obliterate something I had wanted to leave.  On the initial pencil drawing, I might draw in some light hash lines around something to be left showing the paper.  Having a rough surface on the paper makes it easier to have that loose feel of the building on the right.


Rue Henri Seillon, St Tropez, France


Rue Henri Seillon, St Tropez, 15" x 11"

This is a location right next to the marina and looking up to the Hermes Shop in the centre.  This little square here is a popular outdoor cafe which I have 'removed' from the composition for simplification.  I took a bit more time than I usually do with the sky to get in some soft clouds, plus getting some definition on those shop blinds on the left.  Hopefully a feeling of a nice sunny afternoon.


Albufeira Old Town 7


Albufeira Old Town, Algarve, 15" x 11".

Perhaps an unusual thing to paint - a distribution centre with a couple of small lorries being loaded up.  But I was attracted to the bright cab tops against the dark background.  Maybe the picture could have done with a few more workers going about their tasks - must have been lunchtime.  The first wash was mainly yellow ochre, with a cooler tone in the shadows and base of buildings.  I tried to make sure the figure's joined to the background and going down the picture in a similar way the shadows of the lorries are also merging into the building behind.


Lock Keepers Inn, Keynsham 2


Lock Keepers Inn, Keynsham, Bristol.  15" x 11".

A view across the bridge approaching the Inn.  A mixture of warm and cool.  The warm with the ochre colour of the pub itself with some dabs of bright red here and there representing the flower hanging baskets along the walls.  Left a bit of sunlight on top of the bridge walls, and some dark shadow left made up of viridian green, neutral tint and cobalt blue on the road.


Chipping Sodbury High Street 8


Chipping Sodbury High Street, 15" x 11".

A littel experiment here with 1) doing the sky wash, then 2) going in with the buildings base colour while sky still damp.  The building wash was slightly thicker in consistancy than the sky wash, and left to bleed together where it wanted to.  Then when everything was bone dry, I continued with shadows, forming the chimneys and around the vehicles.  Lastly a few dry dark brush strokes were dragged up the road to give it a bit more form.

Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough 300 gms.


The Plough Inn at Charfield


The Plough Inn, Charfield, 15" x 11".

Probably some of the cheapest beers you'll get in this part of the UK and good pub grub as well.  While I was waiting for my food I took a quick reference photo on my phone as a basis for the composition.  I changed a few things - e.g. the side extension roof tiles were blue-grey.  I changed to a sort of warm terracotta to hopefully look a bit more appropriate against the cooler tone of the pub wall.  Added a car and couple of figures as a focal point.  Also I missed out a bright red parasol in the front pub garden as I don't think it added anything.  Dangerous place to take a photo - nearly got run over by a speeding lorry when I was'nt looking.


Meadow Street Weston Super Mare


Weston Super Mare, 15" x 11".

Meadow Street in central Weston Super Mare.  A painting of perhaps high contrast with the left brightly lit and casting dark shadows on shop facade.  A banner across the street adds a bit of interest and it's far enough in the distance, you don't need to put any lettering on it.  I think that car could have done with the top being left unpainted - could have made a little focal point there.

Paper:  Saunders Waterford Rough, 300 gms.

Albufeira Old Town 6


Watercolour of Albifeira, 15" x 11" on Saunders Waterford Rough 300 gms.

A quiet street leading down to Albufeira Old Town.  Here, I have tried to give a sense of warmth with a predominant yellow ochre wash, almost down the whole painting, and a fiery bougainvillea flowering at the entrance t the car park.  When the first wash was bone dry, I then painted the building shadows with mostly cobalt blue and a touch of burnt sienna and yellow ochre again.  The very dark shadows and windows were mainly neutral tint with ultramarine blue.


Olhao, Algarve 4


Watercolour of Olhao, Algarve, 15" x 11" on Saunders Waterford Rough 300 gms

A fairly quick sketch and looser style painting of a quiet back street in Olhao on the Algarve.  There's a fair degree of contrast here between the light shining on the shop blinds and the darker shadows on the right.  Neutral tint was added to ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson to get that dark tone, and a weaker mix as I went left into the light, with some added cobalt blue.


Watermouth Bay, North Devon


Watercolour of Watermouth Bay, North Devon, on Saunders Waterford Rough 300 gms.

The tide's out a Watermouth Bay, over to the right, and the local lifeboat is left stranded for a while.  Quite a simple composition - I drew in the lifeboat, then added figure plus doggy to even things up a bit on the left.  Distant yachts were almost 'diamond' in shape.  First paint around their tops with the background hills then the ground around their hulls, and a darker belly.  Also the foreground was had some bits left out which then became either rocks or little pools offering some reflections.