War Memorial Chipping Sodbury
Embankment, Dartmouth, Devon

Don't drink and paint?

One night recently I had a few beers and for some unknown reason, decided to do a sketch late that evening.  Subject was the 'inner harbour' down in Dartmouth Devon, at high tide.


Landscape Watercolour of Dartmouth, 15" x 11".

So, against the light, the far buildings silhouetted, and left background is the other side of the estuary.

The following morning, as an experiment, I attempted the same scene (this time without beer)


Landscape Watercolour of Dartmouth, 15" x 11".

I'm not sure which turned out 'better'.  Probably the brush work on the second and the figures were an improvement.  Water reflections I think on the first were better.



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Elizabeth Merchant

A drink now and then is not a bad thing. Now that you have both paintings... there is a third yet to be painted... combining the best of both from the first two.

Tim Wilmot

Thanks Elizabeth! You're right. A combination.


I love the values (especially the darks) in the first one. Alvaro would say you were nice and loose in the first one. The foreground in the second is nice and the detail in the lamp in the first one is transfixing.


Thanks Teejay. I think I'll have another drink!

Jacquie Vaux

Hi Tim;

I am inquiring on behalf of my wife Jacquie Vaux, who is also an accomplished watercolorist. Her focus is on realistic nature/wildlife themes.
Her work can be seen on the website:JacquieVauxArt.com.

We both admire your website and would like you to consider sharing links,
since the art styles are quite unique and different.

Please let us know if that would work for you.

Thanks, Jim (for Jacquie)

Jacquie Vaux

I'm sorry this got posted as a comment; I didn't mean it to be public, and I'd like to delete it, but can't figure out how.

Please accept my apology.

But since it's here I'll not bother you again by entering it somewhere else unless you ask me.

Sorry, Jim

Pite Tin

Great really with or without beer.

Tim Wilmot

I don't mind either!

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