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November 2013

St Marys Church, Yate 3


Landscape Watercolour of Yate, 22" x 15".

Another sketch of the church local to me but on half imperial size paper this time.  On this attempt I moved the dead end sign to the left side of the road and had the tree as a background.  It just did'nt look right on the right-hand side, mixed in with the cottage.  Background trees were done with an old brush and quite thick paint.


Sitges Car Park


Landscape Watercolour of Sitges, 15" x 11".

Steps for this painting - 1) Sky wash of yellow ochre and cerulean blue and a wash in the foreground with more pigment coming towards you.  Then allowed to dry.  2) Background buildings and darker at their base and paint around the tops of vehicles.  3) Figures and Cars (dark shadows under the cars as the paint is till damp).  Then highlights at the end and the car park sign.


End of the shift at the Colliery


Steve Hall's open Summer Competition.  Yet again a challenge to paint the above scene, probably South Wales and probably not in recent times.  Well I decided to keep it fairly dark, a little bit of warmth in the sky and a few figures walking down the tracks to have some interest in that middle area.  My entry is below.  Any watercolor artists out there, please have a go at Steve's Autumn Competition.  Curved railway lines are a bit of a challenge, so simplify them and miss out a few sleepers etc...


Landscape Watercolour of South Wales, 15" x 11".



Puerto del Carmen, Harbour


Landscape Watercolour of Lanzarote, 15" x 11".

Straight against the light.  Steps were 1) Sky - Clear water where sun was coming from and drop in the sky wash around it, yellow ochre and cerulean blue.  2) Sea - Almost like sky, and when damp, drop in darker waves with thicker pigment. 3) Background, leaving little bits.  4) Boats and masts - leaving out highlights of decking etc.  4) Masts and darker reflections in sea (with a rigger for thinner bits).


Pont de Pedra, Girona, 5


Landscape Watercolour of Girona, 15" x 11".

The shady wide promenade running up the side of the River Onya towards the 'Pont de Pedra' bridge in central Girona.  It's a lovely old stone bridge and I've painted it a few times before from different angles.  Of course the tricky thing with painting bridges is getting the arches right and giving it a nice smooth curve.

Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough Paper, 140 lbs.



Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul


Landscape Watercolour of Istanbul, 15" x 11".

Istiklal Caddesi (Avenue) in the historic Beyoglu district of Istanbul, and lined with old Ottoman period buildings now housing foreign embassies and up market shops.  Trams take you down from Taksim Square.  These old buildings have far too many intricate details in their architecture for a 'loose' watercolour, so best approach is simplify and just a few windows in random places.


Shops, San Antonio, Ibiza


Landscape Watercolour of Ibiza, 15" x 11".

A sunny street in San Antonio, a lively resort on the island of Ibiza.  The plan for this painting was deciding where the major highlights were going to be - tops of buildings, tops of cars, and then do a bit of negative painting around them.  Dark shadows under the cars intensifies the feeling of strong light (hopefully!).


Lynmouth 2, North Devon


Landscape Watercolour of Lynmouth, 15" x 11".

A second sketch of a similar scene in Lynmouth I did a few months ago.  This second attempt took a wider view of the town looking up the valley, and trying to understate the background hills by painting wet in wet.  I think the cottages on the hill and the steps leading down made for a reasonable composition.  I also tried to connect all the middle ground shapes of cars and roadside houses.

Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough Paper, 140 lbs


Sainte Marine, Brittany


Landscape Watercolour od Brittany, 15" x 11".

On the opposite bank of the River Odet to BĂ©nodet, Sainte-Marine is an estuary village very similar to areas of Cornwall in the UK. This little sheltered bay at the 'cafe du Port' has many small craft moored. It makes a great watercolour subject with the negative shapes of the dark trees and sunlight catching parts of the cafes and cottages.

Painted on Saunders Waterford Paper, 140 Lbs.


Sitges Church and Promenade


Landscape Watercolour of Sitges, 22" x 15".

The Church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla and it's commanding position overlooking the town and seafront at Sitges.  Just to the rights there's just a little indication of the sailing boats on the beach, and I tried to make a point of the sunlight catching the sun blinds on the buildings.  The sky was done very quickly - a few dabs of cerulean blue and yellow ochre into wet paper.

Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough, 140 lbs.