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June 2013

Fabrica Square Mykonos


Landscape Watercolour of Mykonos, 15" x 11".

Fabrica Square in Mykonos, a quiet square in Mykonos Town frequented more by locals than tourists.  I've tried to hint at the fruit & veg store on the right, with just an indication of produce there and a trolley catching the sunlight.  Behind the couple in the centre of the square is the bus shelter and bus stop.


Barn at Iron Acton Farm, Bristol


Landscape Watercolour of Iron Acton nr bristol, 15" x 11"

A nearby farm I visit many times for it's great 'Farm Shop' selling fresh local produce.  It was after a recent visit, I was just reversing out the car park and had this view with the main barn centre and smaller buildings and lean to's hanging on the sides.  I made up the farmer (I don't think they have a dog - sorry).


Restaurant in Favignana, Sicily


Landscape Watercolour of Sicily, 15" x 11"

Favignana is a very small island off the west coast of Sicily and very peaceful it is too.  There's only a few cars/roads and a very laid back atmosphere.  My sketch is of a restaurant or trattoria near the port and I was struck by how red the exterior walls were.  Well I tried to get the effect here of he baking summer sun beating down on the place.


Limassol Back Street


Landscape Watercolour of Limassol, 15" x 11"

Maybe the last landscape I may do of Limassol due to lack of source photos I have, but a typical street scene with the warm tone of the buildings contrasting with the cool green of the shutters.  I added a bit of contrast with the guy, right, against the background of the tree.  I wash pushed for time doing this painting but maybe if I attempted it again, I would put more detail in.


Corn Street Bristol


Landscape Watercolour of Bristol, 15" x 11"

Part of the historic heart of Bristol, Corn Street with it's old bank and municipal buildings are now home to a busy street market and farmer's market.  I went very dark with the deep shadows with the aid of neutral tint, but I think it turned out okay with the contrast of the light hitting the parasols.


Limassol Car Park


Landscape Watercolour of Cyprus, 15" x 11"

An anonymous car parl in downtowm Limassol.  I'm not exactly sure where my focal point was on this one.  Why can't you have more than one.  Anyway I was pleased with the way the picture turned out and I think the Alizarin Crimson wash turned out okay as the underlining tone.  I experimented a bit with the palm tree leaves, painting it with a 'sword' brush.


St Marys Church, Yate


Landscape Watercolour of Yate, 15" x 11"

The entrance leading up to St Mary's Church in Yate, near to where I live.  I pass this church every day in to work and took a reference photo in late afternoon as the basis of my sketch.  I left out quite a bit of detail, the village hall in the middle, a bench on the green, but I think they would have detracted from the scene.  I also tried a bit of scratching our with a knife to define the side of the road on the right.  You have to time this just right - too soon while the paper is still very wet, and the paint seeps back into the line.


Antalya Harbour 2


Landscape Watercolour of Antalya, 11" x 15"

My second attempt at this harbour scene in Antalya, southern Turkey.  This is quite a simple composition with not too much detail and the background of the apartment blocks high on the cliffs overlooking the bay, deliberately kept understated.  The wash for the sea was made gradually darker as it came to the foreground and thicker pigment for waves added while the wash was damp.


Newquay Harbour 4


Landscape Watercolour of Newquay, 15" x 11".

Low tide at Newquay Harbour exposing a sandy beach at the bottom of the steep cliffs and the narrow access road going down to the Yacht Club there.  I think if I painted this scene again, I would go for a shot looking up the slipway here and have the sun coming towards me, maybe some highlights on the tops of the up-turned boats.


Haria Lanzarote 3


Landscape Watercolour of Lanzarote, 15" x 11"

Another sketch of Haria, sitting in a sheltered valley surrounded by extinct volcanoes.  I went quite dark with the background hills and of course to make it contrast with the bright white washed town buildings catching the afternoon sun.  I think with hindsight I should have put in one or two figures to add interest and maybe not make the tops of the mountains so sharp.