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May 2013

Tel Aviv Sea Front


Landscape Watercolour of Tel Aviv, 15" x 11"

The sea front in Tel Aviv looking south with the tall modern apartment blocks with great views over the Mediterranean.  I have tried to include all the main watercolour techniques here with warm and cool tones, wet in wet and dry brush strokes of the posts.  The circular patterns on the promenade were done in one and lead you into the picture hopefully!


Agia Napa Church, Limassol


Landscape Watercolour of Limassol, 15" x 11"

The side of Agia Napa Church in Limassol looking up towards the tourist district of the town.  The tall washingtonia palms here are probably the easiest to replicate.  I use a fairly small synthetic brush, loaded with thick paint and just make short drags from the centre of the canopy outwards to the length of a leaf.  And then one long drag of course to form the trunk.

Saunders Waterford Rough Paper 140 lbs.


Cheddar Gorge, Somerset


Landscape Watercolour of Cheddar Gorge, 15" x 11"

A spectacular deep valley cut into the limestone, Cheddar Gorge (and it's caves) are a popular tourist spot just south of Bristol.  I tried to capture the light coming towards you and shining through the tree canopy.  In fact the lighter tree was the first thing I started with and then continued with a bit of negative painting around it to get the form of the leaves.


Sultan Suleiman Road, Jerusalem


Landscape Watercolour of Jerusalem, 15" x 11"

The wide Sultan Suleiman road leading west towards the Damascus Gate of the old city. Steps in this painting were, 1) wash of sky and foreground, then left to dry.  2) Castle shadows and background buildings, cutting around figure and cars.  Lastly 3) figures and shadows.  With the figures, I normally paint in the faces first, then any bare arms and legs.  Shadows for me would be the last stage.  I think maybe those 2 palms on the right could have been a touch lighter in tone.


Cadeques Spain 11


Landscape Watercolour of Cadeques, 15" x 11"

A composition of the church in Cadeques silhouetted by the mountains behind and a bit of sunlight coming in from the left.  I set myself a limit of one hour for this painting ( with the aid of a hair dryer) hence a bit loose on the trees on the left and the house on the right.  The mist on the mountains was achieved in wetting the lower part of the sky in a few places then leading up the darker mountain to it.


Jerusalem Market Scene


Landscape Watercolour of Jerusalem, 15" x 11"

A busy market scene in Jerusalem, with oriental rugs hung high and the surrounding of the ancient buildings of the old part of town.  Stages in this painting were 1) Sky, 2) Wash over most of the painting of yellow ochre and then left to dry. 3) In with the darks going around the figures with a bit of negative painting (actually done with quite a large mop brush) and then 5) figures & details.


Lymington, Hampshire


Landscape Watercolour of Lymington, 15" x 11"

A pretty, Georgian market town, Lymington is situated on the southern edge of the New Forest, between Southampton and Bournemouth and at the western end of the Solent.  Apart from the placement of the buildings, I 'invented' the boat, car and people.  My source photo I took had little interest and the painting needed a little action.  The shadow on the left was very dark pigment and some water dropped in to make it less boring hopefully.  I also simplified the background - there was far too much detail of windows and structures on the buildings.



Road towards the Citadel, Alexandria


Landscape Watercolour of Alexandria, 15" x 11"

An anonymous building in Alexandria shortly before the citadel, and a liberal use of yellow ochre and deep shadows.  Stages for this painting were 1) sky wash, leading to 2) mid and foreground wash with a little cobalt blue towards the bottom.  3) After drying I start with the side gate and the shadows of the buildings.  4) Last are the figures painted in while the shadows were still wet.


Monastiraki Athens


Landscape Watercolour of Athens, 15" x 11".

Monastiraki was the site of one of the largest monasteries in Athens.  So little was left of the complex -  and only this little church remains, hence it's name 'monastiraki' or 'little monastery'.  The area around the square here has many tourist souvenir shops and traditional Greek Kebap Restaurants.  I very rarely go back to paintings to rework them, but the yellow taxi was an afterthought (there were tow many plain cars, so I washed over one with a Cad Yellow bit of paint).

On Saunders Waterford Rough Paper, 140 lbs.


Ridgewood Community Centre Chipping Sodbury 3


Landscape Watercolour of Chipping Sodbury, 15" x 11"

The rear entrance to Ridgewood Community Centre in Chipping Sodbury, home to my local art club up there on the first floor.  Not an obvious choice maybe for a sketch, being a fairly ordinary building with an older part of the left and the newer bit on the right.  I took the liberty of reducing the height of the building in order to accommodate the larger foreground car park (sorry Ridgewood).