Joseph Zbukvic painting course day 5
Via Dolorosa Jerusalem

Joseph Zbukvic painting course day 6

Final day on the Joseph Zbukvic / EPC Course and final exercise is a practice of Joseph's trademark deep landscape, looking into the far distance, with a misty / hazy feeling to it.  I left out his cows on mine, as being only a qtr sheet I thought I would over do it.


The last thing to go in was the chimney smoke, via a bit of dampening of the paper over the area of the smoke and then dropping in some white gouache.

Anyway in summary things learnt on this workshop:

  • Thickness of pigment - tea, coffee etc
  • The importance of the first wash and Mr Bead. Drop in more pigment before it dries.
  • Timing
  • Go for larger foreground, but they're still not the focus of attention
  • Composition and simplify what you see down to basic shapes
  • Mistakes are gifts

Happy painting.



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J. Catmull

This 6-day post was really interesting. Joseph Zbukvic has such a unique style that is recognizable even when paintings are done by his students. As of 2016, I think you're good enough to not need his instruction and I hope you think so, too! I had already heard of you before seeing these blog entries, and I'm in California.

Tim Wilmot

Thank you very much for your kind comments. Joseph is a great teacher and inspiration.

Mike Orrey

Hi Tim, I'm not quite sure how long ago this trip of your was, but I've just come across it now.
I just want to add to the comment posted above, I too knew of your painting before this trip with Joseph and love your work. I find it fresh and uncluttered and you have a great understanding of light and composition. The unique style of Mr Z, as you call him, is truly unique and he really is a master of his craft and I am in awe of his work. However I wouldn't change your style too much at all if I were you, as I am now starting to recognise your works amongst others and love it.

Come to Cape Town, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to paintable scenes and the perfect atmosphere for your fresh style!

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