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Olhao Markets Algarve 2


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Post #175!!!  There are two market buildings side by side along the water front at Olhao, Algrave, which are a 'must visit' for the huge variety of extremely fresh fish and sea food straight from the port and the vast array of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. Olhao is well known for it's fish market, in particular and if you haven't got anywhere to cook some yourself, then try one of the numerous local cafes along the roadside nearby - you won't be disappointed!  The market halls are surrounded by pavement cafes and it's a great place to sit and enjoy the view of the boats moored along the water front in Olhao Marina.

Browns Restaurant Bath


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Browns Restaurant in Bath occupying a prime location in the centre of Bath right opposite the Abbey.  The skies were menacing, but we Brits still insist on eating outside and Browns oblige with their larger than life parasols and outdoor halogen heaters keeping the punters warm.


Armona Island jetty, Algrave Portugal


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Armona Island, just off the Algrave coast in the Ria Formosa Lagoon, is like a million miles from the busy town of Olhao, it's nearest mainland neighbour.  The island is a step back in time to how holidays used to be - there's no roads, it's completely flat (hope those sea level rises don't come), and it's small little village, the only habitation on the island is a ram shackle group of mainly single level holiday dwellings, all individually designed and looking like something from the Caribbean. The only way of getting to Armona is the regular ferry from Olhao, and the jetty at Armona, the main landing point, is always a hive of activity with ferries and small delivery boats coming and going.


Mosque Grand Covered Market Istanbul #watercolor


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Around the perimeter of the grand market or covered market in Istanbul there are many smaller Mosques or Camis (pronounced Jamee in Turkish). This is the western edge or entrance to the market - your last bit of daylight before you're submerged into the twinkling lights of the covered market - several acres separated into focus areas on carpets, jewelry, food, spices and so on...


Old Town Albufeira Algarve


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Rather like the bottom of a bowl, the centre of old town Albufeira still has a bit of the traditional Portuguese architecture despite the predominance of bars, restaurants and tourist shops.  During the height of summer it can get pretty hot bing enclosed on all sides by white washed buildings, and the hillside leading up to the newer part of town.


Padinha square Tavira


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

The Church of St. Paul situated at one end of Padinha square (well more of an elongated triangle really), one of many squares in the old part of Tavira. The elegantly faded buildings around the square enclose a small 'park' of mature date palms and tall cedar trees.


Olhao Markets Algarve


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Just after midday, and shoppers & tourists leave the domed markets on the seafront at Olhao.  The streets just behind the markets are lined with busy cafes and restaurants no doubt serving the fresh produce from the veg or fish markets.  This is the view east towards the old harbour and ferry port.


Olhao Railway Station 2


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Olhao Railway Station, a quaint sleepy like stop between provincial capital Faro and Tavira at the end of the Algarve line.  You have to watch out as you exit as you have to cross the line, but it's not too hazardous as there's only a couple of trains an hour.