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August 2011

Rua dos Mouros Tavira Algarve


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

A quiet square (well more a triangle with a large tree in the middle) close to the centre of Tavira. You could quite easily miss this place on the walk from the railway station to downtown.  It was a peaceful place to sit at the roadside cafe which doubled as the local corner shop.


Faro Marina 2


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Faro Marina characterised by wide tree lined boulevards and during the summer months, small pavilions or booths for vendors to sell their wares in the evening.  Now and again, if you look up you'll see majestic storks gliding back to their roof-top nests, or sometimes a nets on the tallest street lamps!


Grand Canal Venice 2 landscape #watercolor


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

The tall and sturdy wooden poles or piles line the sides of the wider canals in Venice and certainly appear in most images of Venice's waterways.  Their counterparts form the foundations of all the ancient buildings in Venice, and those being submerged never rot.  There's talk that these piles being exposed and slowly perishing will be replaced by poles made out of recycled materials! Shock horror.

Weston Super Mare Pier


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Destroyed by fire in 2008, the Grand Pier Weston-Super-Mare reopened in 2010.  At the end of the pier's promenade there's a new glass fronted hi tech amusement arcade, and a new wider walk way around where you can glimpse views of Lundy Island out in the Bristol Channel.


Weston Super Mare Wheel


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

The wheel at Weston Super Mare can't rival the London Eye, but it's got great views over to the Mendips to the south and Cardiff across the Bristol Channel to the north.  And apart from the Pier and the modernised sea front, Weston is famous for it's numerous Fish & Chip shops & takeaways, attracting long queues at busy times of the day.


Cumberland Basin Bristol


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Cumberland Basin Bristol, a man made expanse of water and entrance to the twisting water front of central Bristol.  This view is looking West towards Hotwells Bristol, and the old tobacco warehouses.  It's also a popular area for water sports and busy routes of ferry boats going back and forth.


Romsey Road Lyndhurst


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

For some Lyndhurst is just a thoroughfare for the journey to Southampton, but if those people driving through stopped in the village they would discover just how much it has to offer.
Lyndhurst has been the "Capital" of the Forest area since William the Conqueror established the area as a royal hunting ground in 1079, and has been visited by Kings and Queens throughout the centuries who came to stay at the Royal Manor.


Nova Scotia Bristol


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

No, not a part of Canada, but a well known traditional pub on Bristol's waterfront.  The plastic brigade have left this pub untouched.  It probably looks the same now as it did fifty years ago.  Well the beers been changed since then, and there's a great range of beers.  The locals are harmless and light heartedly tell you to go down the other end of the bar if you want the posh, quiet part.


Goose Green Yate


Original Watercolour 15" x 11"

Near where I live, Goose Green (so named because of the Goose Fairs held on the green many many years ago), Yate, on a very cold December morning 2010, and I can remember the light being a very bright, colouring everything with shades of yellow and purple.  It was exceptionally cold that winter, with night time lows of -10 degrees C.