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Tavira Algarve 4


Original Watercolour 12" x 9"

Late afternoon walk along the river in Tavira into the centre of town and a sea of tables and chairs (well you can't paint them all!) and people enjoying the last of the sun. You had better be quick or you'll miss your place! This side of the river was in total contrast to the other. Cross the bridge and it's a lot quieter and laid back.


Las Palmas Gran Canaria Architecture


Original Watercolour 9" x 12"

The architecture in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, in a winter's light and a dull day reminds you of buildings you would see in Belgium or northern France, but this is over two thousand miles further south and almost in the tropics.  Las Palmas is a city of contrasts - it has everything - an old town, parks and quiet squares, a busy port, smart urban beach and even an up market shopping mall.



Arucas Gran Canaria 2


Original Watercolour 12" x 9"

Arucas, a short distance north west of Las Palmas Gran Canaria and there's plenty to command your attention including its striking church - Iglesia de San Juan with an architectural style that clearly draws from Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. Rum lovers will be in their element in the famous Arucas Rum Factory - plenty of opportunity for sampling the fine choice of rums (many with delicious flavourings such as coffee, chocolate, almonds and lemon!).


Teguise Lanzarote 5


Original Watercolour 12" x 9"

Even when the Sunday Market is running in Teguise, walk a few blocks away from the centre of Town and you hit on the real Teguise.  Quiet streets and sometimes not a soul to be seen.  The skies can get really ominous and threatening, a sure sign it's December in the canary islands and it's just about to tip down.

Keane's Bar 2 Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote


Original Watercolour 12" x 9"

Keane's Bar again in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, looking at Roy's Bar.  I am sure all these bars in close proximity are all good friends and thrive because of that proximity.  And the price of beer here is a major reason for passing some time here (the food's good also).  How come Guinness is cheaper here than in Dublin?  Work that one out.


Fethiye Workshop


Original Watercolour 7" x 5"

Fethiye is a pretty Turkish town next to probably the better known holiday destination of Olu Deniz.  It's nice to take a trip into Fethiye to remind you of the real Turkey and wander round the back streets seeing ordinary people going about their lives.  Probably in hindsight I should have attempted this scene on a larger size of paper to do it justice.  Those windows were a real challenge as I normally like to use as large a brush as I can.  Maybe one day....

Cotswold tree in winter


Original Watercolour 10" x 7"

It's been a while since I posted a Cotswolds painting, and this is of an old tree last winter near where I live.  Well it could be a tree anywhere I suppose in the depths of winter, but I tried to capture a sense of the chilling temperatures on the side of a frosted field, and the low angle of the sun just about to disappear.


Marina Grande Sorrento


Original Watercolour 7" x 5"

Take a steep road down from the hustle and bustle of Sorrento and you come to the lovely little harbour of Marina Grande. Almost like a step back in time with traditional boats, old houses and lovely little restaurants.  It also has a nice little beach - a rare thing in Sorrento!


Brixham Harbour and Trawlers


Original Watercolour 10" x 7"

Wander along the harbour walls at Brixham any time of day and it's a hive of activity.  Here the fishing boats are moored up and resting before the next fishing trip.  Brixham is one of the largest working fishing ports in the UK and the fish market here, completed last year is a huge state of the art job costing £8m!


Brixham town from the harbour #devon #watercolor


Original Watercolour 10" x 7"

Another painting of Brixham, and I've amended some of the buildings (and I think the Golden Hind replica ship is missing also), so that nobody from Brixham could probably identify it exactly as their home town (sorry peeps from Brixham!).  I quite liked the skyline on this one, so much that I cropped it for my blog banner.