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October 2010

Riviera San Nicolo - Lido Venice


Original Watercolour 10" x 8"

A short ferry trip from Venice, the Lido is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Venice.  The Lido is a narrow strip of land protecting the Venice Lagoon, with a long sandy beach facing the Adriatic one side and the views across to Venice the other.  Get off the ferry, take a left turn (go east) and walk down the water's edge and you soon hit an area of 'victorian like' houses and quiet neighbourhoods.

Gondolas behind St Marks Square Venice


Original Watercolour 10" x 8"

The Bacino Orseolo, adjacent to majestic St. Mark's square, is a real traffic jam of Gondolas jostling for position to pick up their cargoes of tourists.  There's plenty of shouting going on between the Gondoliers, but I'm sure it was all good natured.  The guests at the Hotel Cavalletto overlooking the basin have a birds eye view of constant activity.

Canal Bridge San Marco district in Venice


Original Watercolour 10" x 8"

It's easy to take a wrong turn as you wander the narrow streets of venice, and nearly every narrow street looks the same as the rest.  Sometimes you have to double back on yourself to get to a crossing point.  I think early invaders of Venice centuries ago could have been forgiven for getting lost in the maze of streets.



Lido Beach Venice


Original Watercolour 10" x 8"

Lido is a quaint old beach resort a short ferry trip from Venice and a nice place to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of Venice itself.  The Venice beaches are very clean with all the amenities.

Venice Fish Market


Original Watercolour 10" x 7"

You have to get up early to watch the fishmongers setup their stalls at the Venice Fish Market.  They sell practically every fish you can imagine from small crabs right up to metre length shark.