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Mermaid Inn Isles of Scilly


Original Watercolour 12" x 9"

The Mermaid Inn, Hugh Town, is the first watering hole that greets visitors to the Isles of Scilly arriving by sea.  It's got a very unusual bar made out of half a large rowing boat.  Watch where you put your pint!  Great Real Ale in here called 'Scuppered' which is brewed on the islands.  There's also an interesting photo in there of the pub during a winter storm, with the spray from a breaking wave reaching the height of the roof.

Hugh Town Isles of Scilly, Lower Strand


Original Watercolour 10" x 8"

One of the few 'major' roads on the Isles of Scilly, Lower Strand runs down the centre of Hugh Town with the North Beath and Porthcressa Beach on either side.  Up the side of the road there's little cottages mostly turned into B & Bs, with pretty front gardens mostly filled with blue Agapanthus lilies and exotic looking Aloes.

This painting is sold.

Tresco Abbey Gardens - The Mediterranean Garden


Watercolour 10" x 8"

The 'Mediterranean' area of the Tresco Abbey Gardens.  The Abbey Gardens are filled with plants from all around the world - Palms, Agaves, Bromeliads, Proteas.  An unbelievable garden considering it's just off the South West coats of mainland Britain.  The behind the terraced Mediterranean Garden you'll see part of a belt of massive Monterey Pines which protect the garden from the battering of the Atlantic storms and salt laden winds.  When the sun's out, you just can't believe you're still in the UK.

Tresco New Grimsby, Isles of Scilly


Watercolour 10" x 8"

Tresco, Isles of Scilly.  It's paradise when the sun's out.  This is New Grimsby, one of the ferry points from the main island, St Mary's.  New Grimsby is where the island's only pub is situated, the New Inn (no it's not new, but a lovely pub).  This view is looking along the bay towards the Flying Boat Club.

St Agnes Isles of Scilly


Watercolour 10" x 8"

St Agnes is the most south westerly inhabited island in the Isles of Scilly.  Only about a mile across, it's reached by ferry from the main island St Mary's.  You can tell the air's clean here - all the stone walls are covered with so many types of lichen.  There's no roads on the island - just a single track that goes in a loop.  The only traffic is a tractor and quad bikes.

Prince's Wharf Bristol City Docks


Watercolour 7" x 5"

Prince's Wharf Bristol Docks. The heart of Bristol with all its old quays and the waterfront. The harbour area covers 70 acres in total and runs right into the centre of Bristol.  Prince's Wharf is where the Bristol Industrial Museum is located.